7x24Data is an american stablished company located in Miami and part of Datamemory holdings. Our strategic location and experience for more than 10 years has allowed us to work as an allied for great companies in Center and Latin America.

We offer solutions for data and remote hands management as a partner  of  Terremark Nap of the Americas, one of the most robust Datacenters in the continent. We offer flexible solutions to meet all of our costumers expectations, helping to create and maintain competitive advantages in their markets.

Do you know nap of the Americas?



We are company that rises from the need of our customers and growing markets of IT services. Our solutions are directly related with all possible IT services to guarantee our clients efficient functionality and security.

Our added value consists in a 24×7 available service for whatever your company needs, it does not matter the date or time we are available  for you.


24×7 Data LLC in 2018 will become the leader company in IT services un south florida, offering the best service and being recognized for offering excellent quality in the services and complimentary services provided.

This 24×7 support will continue to create value in permanent way, becoming our differential factor for our customers, employees, vendors and holders.